Carpooling and rideshare benefit not only those who share the ride, but all drivers, taxpayers and area residents. First, by encouraging high-occupancy travel (that is, more passengers in fewer vehicles) high-occupancy vehicles (HOV) can help ease congestion in heavily traveled metropolitan areas. Second, by reducing the traffic burden on highways, HOV lanes can help defer costly expansion projects. Third, by reducing the number of vehicles on the road, HOV lanes and carpools can help reduce the extent of exhaust emissions and contribute to cleaner air.

Carpooling and/or rideshare is a very eco-friendly, time-saving and economical activity for people commuting to work daily, parents responsible for transporting kids to and from school and activities and many other individuals.


Benefits of Carpool:

[1] Save Money – Fuel Expense, Parking & Tolls, Vehicle Wear.

[2] Reduce Pollution.

[3] Reduce Greenhouse Gases.

[4] Reduce dependency on foreign oil.

[5] Reduce traffic.

[6] Meet new people.

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